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We didn’t just take an old idea and make it better. Our highly scalable applications and services are an entirely new framework in healthcare billing and receivables management.

Real-time, nationwide connectivity to thousands of payers. Verify eligibility prior to service without time consuming phone calls or visits to multiple payer websites.
Eliminate denials by using our real-time, advanced rules based claims editing. Your claims are received by payers within minutes with detailed payer acknowledgments posted back to every claim.
Advanced Claims Billing and Clearinghouse Services all rolled into one. Manage accounts for a single practice, a regional CBO or nationwide health system.
Fast and accurate delivery of electronic remittances from thousands of payers nationwide. Our fully integrated suite of services will use the remittance to automate secondary billing, reconcile bank deposit, report under payments and much more.
Full transparency with every level of messaging from payers posted back to your claims in seconds. You define the criteria for follow-up and G4 will automatically check the status of claims for you.
Let us handle the work of getting paper statements and claims in the mail. Now you really can go paperless with our complete print and mail services. We also provide e-bill delivery and patient pay portal integration.
Find and fix complex billing issues or mine for high yield denials to instantly improve collections. Choose from a wide selection of built in claims, payment and payer analytics schemes. Customize more of your own with our easy to use, yet powerful drill down options.
Create appeals on-demand, from a claim or automatically based on instant appeals using custom rules based management.
RAC tools expanded to support all forms of Audit and Take-Back management from any payer type. Recovery Audit Procedures means you need the “Take Back” control that you can only get through G4’s complete suite of audit management solutions.
Validate medical necessity and create the required Medicare ABN forms in an instant. Providers that combine G4’s Real-time Eligibility with Advanced Benefit Notification can reduce coverage denials by up to 90%.
Access any feature of the Medicare Terminal System directly from your G4 application suite. We provide powerful interface tools to make the legacy terminal system work smarter for you.
Access our transaction switch API or sell our advanced receivables management suite under your own brand. Deliver fully integrated and scalable solutions at competitive prices through Direct Sales, Sales Referral, Private Label or API integration.

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